The Shore-Leave Sailing Shoe


Choosing a new pair of shoes for boating season can be either a practical way to replace Top-Siders irrevocably soiled by bilge work or an opportunity to make a bit of a statement. Sailors looking to flaunt a bit of nautical style – and bring it to the office – would do well to grab a pair of Our Legacy‘s new Deck Shoes, which are durably built and ready to make the ship-to-shore transition.

Like any pair of decent deck shoes, these kicks have a good amount of grip and won’t leave any marks on the deck. The fit is snug – an asset when water gets rough – and comfortable thanks to the soft, thick fabric top. The sole is also surprisingly flexible, given how thick it is.

But the non-practical considerations are what really set Our Legacy’s shoes apart. Meticulous white stitching outlines a matte mustard-toned body that is somehow both arresting and subtle. Brass aglets lend a bit more nautical style and a reflective tab on the tongue is a winking admission that these sailing shoes are likely to get more use on shore. The deck shoes pair perfectly with darker jeans, a playful but business appropriate touch that looks best with just a bit of windburn. [$215;]