The Simple, Slim Wallet

Mj 618_348_the simple slim wallet

If your wallet’s stitches are beginning to fray (or the summer heat left it with a faint back-pocket musk), take a close look at this compact offering from the imaginative folks at Daycraft, who’ve taken the less-is-more ethos to heights even Dieter Rams would appreciate.

Unlike a money clip that looks downright silly without cash in it, the Moneywrap is cut from a single strip of leather, cleverly concealing your dough and credit cards with no more than two folds and a taut elastic band. In fact, it’s so mind-numbingly easy to use that you can open the thing – which is about as thick as an iPhone 4S – with a mere flick of the thumb. And at just a little over 50 bucks, you’ll even have a few twenties left over to stuff inside it. [$56;]

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