The Slam-Dunk Sock


With its latest collection, Stance socks has taken the idea behind the colorful-sock trend – that ankle wear can add a touch of flash to a tame outfit  – and run with it. Specifically, the company has made a fast break to the basket. The new Legends line offers socks covered in photographs, taken from the NBA archives, of some of the greatest players who ever lived. And there is something for fans from every city and every era. Classicists can throw down with Bill Walton and his amazing 1977 neck beard, while Sonics fans who haven’t moved on rock Shawn Kemps and Knicks fans reminisce with a pair showcasing both John Starks and Charles Oakley. Going for a more formal look? Try on a pair of Julius Ervings in refined black-and-white.

The socks are both fun and well made. Stance socks provide a lot of arch support and are designed to be worn tight around the ankles. They’re not athletic socks, but they are made for motion. The fact that they pay tribute to some of our childhood heroes just seals the deal. [$16;]