The Smart-Casual Shoe


Since time immemorial, guys have been forced to take sides in that most polarizing of issues: Choose the hip sneaker, but look like a fool when donning a suit; or, opt for a more refined dress shoe and risk feeling old and stodgy. Besides going barefoot, the obvious answer that has eluded us is a hybrid semi-formal sneaker that can be worn to the beach one day, and the office the next without looking silly at either. That miracle now has a name: Reef RESERV Spiniker.

Part of Reef’s more upscale RESERV collection, the Spiniker’s full-grain, premium leather upper has a distressed vintage style that looks as good with a T-shirt and pair of jeans as it does with a summer linen suit. Our favorite feature, though, is the insole, a molded cushion footbed that feels remarkably (and intentionally) like the texture of a waxed surfboard. You’re almost obliged to wear them without socks, they’re so comfortable, and Reef has you covered in that eventuality, as the insole is made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), which is already odor resistant (and it’s easily removed and machine washable anyway, should your stinkfoot somehow manage to overpower its defenses). For us, Spinikers are the fashion equivalent of a secret getaway, letting you go from an early morning at the beach riding waves, straight to the office for the afternoon sales meeting or a business lunch in midtown, without skipping a step or missing a beat. [$100;]