The Snuggler’s Eveningwear


Big Star‘s terry sweatshirt is a great-looking lightweight pullover, a perfect fit for cool summer evenings in the backyard. The sweatshirt is comfortable, too, fitted a bit slimmer than most, but with a slightly larger neck opening to limit irritation. The sweatshirt even breathes well thanks to the fabric, which is warm, but not heavy enough to trap heat. Still, if we’re to be honest, the point of wearing this garment isn’t to look cool or feel good, it is to get a bit more attention from your significant other. This sweatshirt is made for snuggling.

If you want your personal space, find a different lightweight sweatshirt. The outside of the seemingly inside-out sweatshirt is covered in soft terrycloth reminiscent of the plushest towels offered in the swankiest hotels. Everyone’s first instinct when encountering this masterpiece of leisurewear is to stick their face in it. If you’re wearing it, you may find yourself in awkward, enjoyable, or awkwardly enjoyable situations. Let’s just say that this sweatshirt would make an excellent wingman on a first date.

There is something to be said for being cuddly – especially if you’re not a larger guy. The sweatshirt seems to have been made with skinnier men in mind and serves to level the snuggling playing field. You might need some a long time after you take it off. [$45; Available at Macy’s]

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