The Spray-On Solution To Your Greatest Workout Pain

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Every once in a while the worlds of grooming and fitness collide, and so we feel compelled to bring you a crossover product that can make your life in both areas much better.

Guys, odds are you are more familiar than you’d like to be with the chafing that goes on once the sweat settles into certain areas of your anatomy during workouts or pick-up games, rubbing your privates raw while you attempt to focus solely on your game. It’s distracting now; later, it’s excruciating.

Men, it doesn’t need to be this way.

Dry Goods has thoughtfully created a pre-workout powder in the form of a spray, so you can finish up while standing tall. Dry Goods Athletic Spray Powder ($14 at Amazon) was developed specifically for athletes (and dudes who want to act like they are), and its unique formula takes talc powder and zinc oxide — two key ingredients for dry skin — and delivers it to your skin via a spray bottle.

That means none of the all-over-your-clothes mess that happens when you use traditional shake-on powders. You can direct the aim right at areas that need a little TLC and the formula keeps the area dry, itch-free, and smell-resistant for hours. Use it on armpits, feet, and hands too. Spray-on perk: The spray creates a thin film barrier that won’t clump the way it does via powder delivery systems. Another bonus: For dudes who get off on a little tingle, this stuff comes in bonus: For dudes who get off on a little tingle, this stuff comes in menthol fragrance (the brand claims it adds an extra cool kick during warmer months) and also a travel size ($9 at Amazon), making it a perfect gym bag companion.

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