The Starter Biker Jacket


Let’s face it: Having an “okay” leather biker jacket defies the point of having a leather biker jacket at all. Not to call the men wrapped in cured hides poseurs, but this is not the sort of outerwear that anyone who doesn’t commute on a Ducati desperately needs. The point of owning such a piece is to fulfill the fantasy of owning such a piece. Problem is, the good biker jacket is hard to find.

Because leather is so on-trend, it’s available in so many different designer versions out there. Most models will run you somewhere between $2,000 and $10,000 – the kind of prices that induce their own kind of rebel yell. Then there is the Ishida jacket from AllSaints, which is slim-fitting, cut from already-broken-in lamb leather, nicely complemented by an asymmetric zipper, and detailed in a way that won’t make you look like an extra in ‘Mad Max.’ Even better, the whole kit and caboodle costs well under $1,000. There really isn’t anything to complain about here. From bottom to collar, this biker jacket has been executed expertly, perfectly made for non-riders and non-rockers.

A quick note on fit: You want your biker jacket to be as close-fitting as possible this side of Pee-wee Herman style; order this jacket in whatever size you’re used to for shirts or jackets, then wear it until it fits you like a glove. You didn’t need it, but you’ll love it anyway. [$615,]