The Sweat T-Shirt

Mj 618_348_the sweat tee
Best Made Company

Short-sleeved sweatshirts were last in vogue when Arnold Schwarzenegger was pumping iron on Venice Beach. Those sleeves were torn off, allowing passersby a peek at anabolic-defined pecs, and every neckline was discolored by years of sweat. No one south of 200 pounds looked good in those cut-apart Gold’s Gym sweats, so they became a comfortable privilege of the yoked. Until Best Made Company debuted its more tailored sweatshirt tee this year, human-sized men hadn’t had the chance to explore this unusual gymwear sub-genre.

The interesting and – if we’re to be honest – surprising thing about Best Made’s raglan-cut T-shirt is that it looks great. The sleeves are narrow enough that inflated triceps aren’t a prerequisite and the padding around the shoulder makes narrow men a bit bulkier. But the real attraction here is the feeling of terry cloth against your chest. Just the right mix of scratchy and soft, the nubbed tee interior makes walking, gardening, and jogging shockingly pleasurable. The sweat puts a little swagger in your step precisely because swaggering becomes so comfortable.

The tee certainly isn’t evening wear, but it is hard to beat on a Saturday morning when you’re headed out to walk the dog and get a cup of coffee. You’ll look great and, unlike those guys on the Venice boardwalk, smart. There is a lot to be said for a man who knows how to be comfortable and presentable at the same time. [$58,]

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