The Swedish Design Boxers


Bread & Boxers founders Henrik Lindahl and Alexander Palmgren launched their brand in 2008, after a transatlantic mishap left them stranded without their luggage. Originally intended as an extension of the minibar for hotel liaisons, their line of well-made, form-fitting basics (boxers, T-shirts, socks) quickly caught on because it offered simplicity. The antithesis of the logo-screaming briefs hawked in Calvin Klein Super Bowl commercials and on Times Square billboards, Bread & Boxers trunks are streamlined, more appropriate, and handsome on the male form.

The goods come smartly packaged in the sort of white paper bags found in a boulangerie, giving them the promising appeal of fresh baked goods. But these undies are more credible than edible. In soft cotton with a hint of elastane for sag-free structure and longevity, the Bread & Boxers trunk features a flattering short inseam and a plain waistband (there’s a discreet label at the side). And since the more variables you introduce (patterns, colors, etc.), the more that can potentially go wrong at your assignation, these come in basic white or black. The brand’s new brief cut, which debuted this fall, is worth a look, if that’s how you roll.

True to its mission, the Bread & Boxers line can be found at LAX as well as at the Viceroy in Anguilla. And in a lot of bedrooms. [$18;]