The Tie Recycling Service

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Skinnyfatties (pronounced either skinny-fat-ties or, skinny-fatties) puts standard four-inch-wide ties on a diet. The New York-based brainchild of Joshua Adam Brueckner, the service takes an inch or two off older, chubbier ties mailed to its office (predictably, a shared Brooklyn workspace) and sends them back hand-stitched, skinny, and rolled neatly in a tin box to prevent wrinkling in 10 business days.

The business was born of necessity. After Brueckner was laid off in 2012, he needed interview attire, but, when he looked in his closet, “everything was too big and didn’t fit right.” He Googled the phrase “How to tailor,” and in one online search found a sartorial solution, as well as his next gig. He now describes the art of deconstructing and reconstructing ties as “an adrenaline rush.” (He might need to get out more.)

Ordering is simple. Go to Skinnyfatties’ website and determine your width preference in quarter-inch increments between two to three inches, depending on whether you want to look like a member of The Strokes or a Mad Man, respectively. Put in your information and, after reading the instructions on how to package your tie, send it off to Skinnyfatties.

According to Brueckner, the ideal tie width is approximately 2.75 inches – not too skinny and not too fat. Your tie size relies on your lapel width and other factors, including: “Your body type, your career, the occasion that you’re wearing it to, the pattern,” he says.

The best thing about the service is that it allows you to wear outdated patterns on modern-looking ties, meaning your great uncle’s college tie can make a comeback along with all the simple ties balled up in the back corner of your closet. A portion of the fee from each tie tailoring is also donated to CareerGear, a nonprofit that helps low-income men enter the workforce.

Skinnyfatties is convinced that the discarded or ignored can still be relevant. We agree. [$30 per tie;]

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