The Trad Topper

Mj 618_348_goorin brothers hat

Statement hats frequently make the wrong sort of statement. It is difficult to rock a newsboy cap without looking like an extra on ‘Boardwalk Empire‘ or a high-end mixologist on the make in Portland, Oregon. Though there is nothing wrong with either of those chosen professions, most men would rather look like they’re trying to make history than like an exhibit in the Smithsonian. Thankfully, the diverse selection of new flat caps available from Goorin Bros. makes men into smart dressers rather than historical re-enactors by not confusing old-fashioned with ostentatious.

The best of the newly available lot is the Sammy, which looks particularly at home on the top of anyone with Irish genes or a broken nose. The 8-panel Gatsby hat is made of thick Woolrich Woolen Mills tweed and garnished with a simple top button and Goorin’s trademark castle pin. Ask the hip salespeople at one of Goorin’s outlets in Brooklyn, Charleston, Nashville, and Seattle and they’ll happily add a boxing glove of sailboat pin as well. The great this about the dark gray version of the hat is that it looks wonderful with a blue suit or tweed coat. With its satin lining and suede under brim, it can go casual or fancy.

Another standout in the collection is the Andrew Luck, named in honor of the Colt’s poorly-groomed quarterback. The 6-panel flat brim ivy cap is made of a similar fabric to the Sammy, but its lower profile is better suited to a more casual outfit. This is the hat to wear with jeans and a collared shirt or jeans, a collared shirt, and a tie if you’ve been invited to dinner at a local tavern. One of the great joys of wearing this particular cap, is that – thanks to an elastic brim – it is eminently tip-able. You’ll find yourself giving the brim a little lift when a lady passes. Old-fashioned? Absolutely, but there is nothing wrong with that. [Andrew Luck for $38, Sammy for $98;]

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