The Traditionalist’s Underpants

Mj 618_348_the traditionalists underpants

Left Field NYC founder Christian McCann began to design and market his covetable pigment-dyed tees, sturdy chinos, and chambray work shirts way back in the late nineties, when the movement toward mid-century-inspired, American-made clothes was still in its infancy. The designer’s latest venture has him reaching even farther back into history for inspiration. His Choctaw Ridge undergarment line takes its inspiration from an old underwear box from the 1930s that somehow found its way into his capable hands. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’re going to be stuck in a scratchy wool union suit (although long johns are part of the brand’s utilitarian cold-weather outlook), simply that this underwear is more about comfort than about looking like a Calvin Klein model.

We’re particular fans of Choctaw’s slim-fit boxers, which make great use of proper old-school fabrics, including Japanese cotton gingham and seersucker. They’re cut with a short inseam to prevent bunching and don’t have a back seam – an impressive bit of tailoring that makes them more comfortable in and out of pants. They are sold two to a box because Choctaw Ridge prides itself on its packaging, which admittedly brings refinement to the indelicate field of men’s delicates. This is the alternative to tearing into a pack of Hanes. You’ll pay for the privilege, then keep the boxers forever. [$106;

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