The Weirdest Product We Got This Week: the HeadBlade’s ATX All Terrain Razor

The Weirdest Product We Got This Week: the HeadBlade’s ATX All Terrain Razor

Each week, the editors at Men’s Fitness and receive press releases, images and, sometimes, actual products that companies are hoping our readers would like—and that we’d want to write about. Every once in a while, mixed in with packages filled with protein powders, friction-free running socks and nylon gym bags, we’ll come across product that’s a little, well, out of the ordinary. Something that makes us stop and go…huh? What in the world would a guy do with that thing?

Starting this week, we’ll be sharing some of the wackiest, oddest and just plain off-the-wall items we receive. Many of them, like our kickoff product, do have useful functions. It’s just that they should probably come with warning label: Using this in the presence of others—including friends, girlfriends or even your mom—may result in blank stares or downright ridicule.

Put these items to good use….at your own risk. 

HeadBlade’s ATX All Terrain Razor

This month, shaving company HeadBlade is releasing the ATX, a razor that’s apparently designed to look just like….some kind of automobile. Or, at first glance, perhaps a tractor? It’s the brand’s first razor that can be used as a multipurpose shaver-suitable for the head, face, body and legs and is reportedly “the perfect way to get that body builder look and show off those muscles.” The timing appears to be pretty close to perfect, since Mr Olympia and the Ultimate Athlete competition are just around the corner.

The ATX also features the HB4 Blade Cartridge, with new open back architecture and flow thru design that allows for easy rinsing.

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