The Winter White Jeans

Mj 618_348_the winter white jeans

Like many of the most sought-after jeans in the world, each pair of Tellason’s Ladbroke Grove jeans begins life in the Cone Mills plant in Greensboro, North Carolina. All Tellason jeans are raw and selvage-edge, meaning the denim is in its original dry, unprocessed state prior to purchase, and the fabric is produced on narrow shuttle looms. From the mill, the cloth goes to San Francisco (denim’s homeland thanks to Levi’s), where the raw stuff becomes the real deal thanks to durable threads, rivets, and a few leather patches. The true, deep indigo jeans stand out as the most iconic, but if you’ve already got a loyal pair of blues in your closet, we recommend the style in raw natural-colored selvage.

The rich, off-white shade lets the qualities of the Cone Mills denim shine through and it’s easier to wear than stark, bright white, which is perfectly acceptable to wear after Labor Day no matter what anybody says. The color goes particularly well with gray in the winter – pair it with a nice sweater or blazer and some heavier brown boots to look seasonal. It’s surprisingly sharp and versatile during the cold months, and as a bonus, you’ll already be set for spring.

Since proper fit is crucial for a pair of jeans that will most likely become your most-worn item of clothing, Tellason helpfully allows you to sort the styles using the categories of rise, leg opening, body type (thin to “gorilla”), and denim weight (light to “concrete”). Go with a heavy jean and a medium leg opening. White jeans are edgy. Tight white jeans are a bit too much. [$220;]

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