There’s Still Something About An Aqua Velva Man

If you shave, it’s a safe bet that you have encountered at least one of the following in the minutes after running a razor over your mug: Redness, itchiness, ingrown hairs, dryness, and irritation. Which is why it’s surprising no one has attempted to create (or, okay, market) a product that tackles these five big problem spots for men before now. And also why we’re loving Aqua Velva’s new 5-in-1 Sensitive After Shave Balm ($5 at Amazon)

Yeah, we know: Aqua Velva is your dad’s (or your grandpa’s) aftershave. But this isn’t the stuff Pete Rose used to sing about in those classic 70s TV commercials. Rather, this is a brand new skin balm from the company that claims to have invented America’s first multi-approach aftershave, a skin-soothing treatment that tackles men’s most common skin complaints while providing a rich layer of moisturizer that keeps skin healthy all day long.

One thing you’ll notice is the lack of kick in this balm. Unlike other formulations, this one is specially made for sensitive skin, which means virtually no alcohol — and therefore no sting. Another thing we like: The formula can double as a moisturizer for your whole body, meaning one less tube to pack when you’re on the road this summer.

Let’s be clear: The stuff isn’t fancy. It’s not something you leave out on your bathroom counter to impress a hot date. There’s no organic, farm-grown, sustainably harvested anything in this bottle. You’re buying this because these guys have been making aftershave since 1917, and they know a thing or two. And of course, because there’s something about an Aqua Velva man.

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