This Boxer Brief Is the Antidote to All Your Underwear Woes

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This article was produced in partnership with Jack Archer

Guys, how is it possible that we’re still pining for perfect underwear? We know you share our frustrations with all the subpar options, from (trigger warning) awkward sagging and bunching to dreaded wedgies and crushed balls. Somehow, time and time again, modern threads continue to disappoint. We won’t stand for it. Not when you deserve a solid foundation for which to build the ultimate fit. But hoo buddy, fear not. we’ve found a pair of game-changing boxer briefs for you and your balls. And it’s all thanks to Jack Archer.

It’s almost like we hired Jack Archer to dream up a solution to all our underwear woes—and boy did they deliver with the Jetsetter boxer brief. All our gripes about wearing crappy underwear persisted until we tried this heavenly pair, which simultaneously seemed to disappear and provide necessary support. The Jetsetter comes in three colors and lengths (short, medium, and long).

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We opted for the two-inch version and never looked back. No surprise there: Jack Archer didn’t cherry pick the design flaws it would address, and leave the rest for another time. The brand literally engineered the Jetsetter to be a one-word answer to all our complaints.

Disruption is in Jack Archer’s bones. The company was founded in 2020 by a crew of apparel developers and market researchers who took a data-led approach to designing clothes, working to solve existing problems guys have, not create more of them for the sake of standing out. That very mission covers every step of the design process, from selecting top-notch materials to including innovative features that make their growing collection of menswear just as functional as they are stylish.

Here are six reasons why the Jetsetter boxer brief is a godsend.

1. Good enough for the boys

As far as we’re concerned, the Jetsetter boxer brief arrived on the scene to play ball, not be a ball buster. Knowing that our boys need some support and attention—but never to a smothering extent—Jack Archer designed the Jetsetters with a Zero-G™ (G for gravity, that is) pouch that keeps ‘em nice and happy, suspended in the cozy fabric. Seriously, it feels like your package is on a magic carpet ride.

2. Let’s cut to the chafe

When your underwear sucks, chafing is a real (awful) possibility for dudes with all body types. Anytime your drawers ride up or twist, there’s a chance the extra fabric can start rubbing you the wrong way. The Jack Archer team knows nobody wants to deal with that crap, especially for guys who like to wear their pants on the slimmer side. The Jetsetter boxer brief is constructed entirely with fabric that glides rather than rubs, eliminating pain points like a shifting waistband and thigh chafing. And since it’s sewn together with soft stitching, you won’t be confronted with any pinching or itching. Zero. Zilch.

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3. Bad underwear is a waist of time

Sometimes, even when you’re wearing the right size boxer briefs, an ill-fitting elasticated waistband can do you wrong. Too loose, and you’re potentially entering chafe territory. Too tight, and it’ll strangle your torso like a rubber band. Personally, we want our undies to leave a good impression, not a reddish one around our waist from being too tight. A pair of Jetsetters won’t disappoint, thanks to a fabric-covered waistband that gently coddles your waist and will never roll down or bunch up.

4. Bunching is for the weak

Speaking of bunching, Jetsetters fly under the radar. Ain’t any leg marks or awkward bunching around these (private) parts. With flat-bonded seems, they’re 80 percent thinner than the sad skivvies you currently have on, offering up a more comfortable grip without the elastic spandex-y feel. The Jetsetter will become one of your ride-or-dies after proving it won’t ride up your thigh—especially the 8-inch version that holds tight with its fulcrum-shaped legs. (There’a also a 5-inch and 2-inch).

5. Drain the swamp ass

For those of us who sweat in strange areas, undies that aren’t breathable are frankly an insult to our kind. Jack Archer hit the bull’s eye by choosing a bacteria-resistant MicroModal® fabric that’s extremely light and soft to the touch. You’ll barely even notice them where they’re on, and there won’t be a wet patch or sweat stain left as evidence.

6. Just whip it out

When nature calls, fumbling over a tricky fly just pisses us off. Sometimes it’s easier to just pull ’em down instead of fumbling with a labyrinth of fabric. The Jetsetter boxer briefs confront this head-on with an easy-access horizontal fly. With top entry, you can reach sweet relief with one hand.

Want to try out a pair of Jetsetters for yourself? Head over to Jack Archer to learn more.

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