Three-In-One Jackets, Your New Fall Favorite

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Fall is that in-between season when the weather seems to have a split personality, bouncing from the 70s to the 40s sometimes in the space of a few hours. It requires dressing with forethought.

One way to avoid all that annoying pre-planning is with a three-in-one jacket which, as the name implies, is like having three outerwear options in one package. These types of jackets vary from brand to brand, but all of them tend to have a thinner, weatherproof outer layer and detachable down vest or lining that can be worn on its own. Different iterations of the style vary widely, from light jackets to hardcore parkas. 

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Since we’re talking fall, let’s focus on some of the lighter, more stylish examples. Any of these will still get you safely into the colder months (as long as you don’t live in, say, Alaska).

The Timberland Mount Davis 3-in-1 waxed canvas jacket (top, $298) is a good medium-weight style that has a 100 percent waxed outer layer with leather trim and a quilted inner jacket. Worn together, they’ll keep you warm and dry when the weather’s bad. The inside, made from recycled poly, has an overshirt vibe that definitely stands on its own. The jacket comes in three colors: dark wheat, with a light tan inner jacket; black, with a dark grey inner; and dark cocoa that has a forest green inner jacket.

Building on its phenomenal 3-in-1 Tech Track Jacket ($149 at Spring), Michael Kors is releasing a Premium version (above), available at their brick-and-mortars as well as retailers like Saks and Bloomingdales. The Premium is a collaboration with the Italian luxury clothing company Loro Piana, and features their Storm System fabric that’s wind-resistant and waterproof. It comes in midnight (dark navy blue), black, and ash mélange (grey) and has a built-in, removable down vest that you can wear separately — and actually looks sharp enough that you’d want to. The outer shell can also be worn alone over a suit or dressed down for the weekends. Perhaps the best feature is the system that holds the vest in place. It’s secure, easy to remove and put back, and has subtle attachments so you don’t have any odd-looking doo-hickies hanging off of it when you wear it solo.

New Balance offers a three-in-one that’s perfect for runners. The lightweight Precision Run 3 In 1 Jacket (below, $224 at Spring) has a wind- and water-resistant outer shell with a nice bit of stretch and a high collar that allows you to zip it up to your chin. Inside, there’s an insulated vest that zips out. The front of the vest is made from Polartec Alpha fill, a performance fabric that was first developed for the Special Forces; the back has a breathable fleece back. The Precision 3 In 1 comes in either military dark triumph (army green) or black. 

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