Tired of Uncomfortable Clothes? Meet Taylor From Feat Clothing

Feat Clothing
Feat Clothing

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Over the last few years, we’ve learned a few valuable lessons: Work isn’t everything, nothing is guaranteed, and uncomfortable clothes aren’t really a necessity. The comfort revolution of 2020 changed the game — some of us didn’t wear jeans for a year, and we can’t imagine going back.

For Feat Clothing’s founder, Taylor Offer, the rest of the world was just catching up to what he already knew.

Founded in 2015, the athleisure brand’s mission is to make the most comfortable clothing in the world, helping its customers break free from restrictive clothing and be their best selves. It’s a simple idea: Clothes should make you feel good. But when you really think about it, so much of the clothing sold today are not designed for that purpose (or is only designed for that purpose).

There’s clothing designed for style, which can often be either uncomfortable, itchy, restrictive, or have a short shelf life. Then there’s clothing designed for leisure, which can be baggy, shapeless and not make you look put together. Feat bridges these two ideas together — finally.

Their versatile, high-quality clothing relies on game-changing fabric technology. Somehow, they’ve cracked the code to create incredibly soft materials that don’t lose their shape or become rough over time.

For Feat CEO, Taylor Offer, these designs are the result of too many years in a suit and tie. Keep reading to learn about his story and learn more about what sets Feat apart from other athleisure brands.

If you’re already ready to set yourself free with stylish and comfortable clothes from Feat, head over to their website now.

Breaking Free From Uncomfortable Clothing

For many direct-to-consumer start-ups, the idea starts with a problem. And for Taylor Offer, the problem was in his closet. 

Feat Clothing
Feat Clothing

Feat’s Origin Story

Before becoming Feat’s CEO, Taylor worked in finance. His office job required him to wear a suit and tie five days a week … and long working hours meant he’d sometimes spend twelve hours all buttoned up.

Soon, the suit came to represent a job he didn’t want to be doing. Putting it on in the morning, he’d immediately feel stiff, anxious, and not like himself. He found himself desperately looking forward to getting home after the work day, and taking off his suit and tie felt like he was shedding a restrictive and oppressive layer. Slipping into a pair of joggers and a hoodie was like breathing a breath of fresh air. Finally, he could be himself. 

It takes a lot of guts to leave your office job and try something new, but Taylor knew it was necessary to create the life he wanted to live.

He started Feat with a dream that clothes could help people feel like themselves. With truly comfortable materials and classic, versatile styling, people could focus on things that matter so much more than their clothes: their well-being. 

A Shift in Mindset

Leaving banking to start his own company was a shift in Taylor’s mindset. He took a step back from the rat race, looked at his life from a different angle, and decided to do something that felt more authentic to the man that he is and the man that he wanted to become.

Feat invites its customers to do the same. It wants to empower them to take care of themselves — not just physically but also by strengthening their mind, self-awareness, and self-love. In many ways, Feat is doing for wellness what LuluLemon did for yoga.

Their clothes are all about wrapping the body in love so that it can do what it was destined to do.

Think about it like this: Home is generally where we feel the most comfortable. At the end of a long day, there are few things more satisfying than hitting the couch in a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie to relax. 

With Feat Clothing, you can bring the couch with you wherever you go. Their emphasis on comfort means that the feeling of safety and softness you get at home can be with you all the time, no matter what life throws at you.

It might sound like a stretch (pun very much intended) but the truth is that clothes can make or break your day. Really, how you feel is how you are. 

Future Fabric Technology 

For Feat, these ideas are more than just concepts. They come to life with groundbreaking fabric technology. As Taylor developed the brand, he took the time to invest in research. He wanted to know how they could make soft, proprietary materials that lasted.

That started with BlanketBlend. Feat’s signature material gets right what so many other athleisure brands get wrong. Fuzzy on the outside and smooth on the inside, BlanketBlend manages to be both cozy and breathable. And with its ButterWash finish, BlanketBlend gets softer and softer with every wash. How many of your hoodies now can do the same?

Then, there’s Feat’s Roam fabric, which raises the bar on performance fabric. Stretchy, moisture-wicking, and durable, it’s a versatile fabric that works both in and outside of the house. Built to help you roam free.

When the moment came for Feat Clothing to construct a fabric that was more explicitly made for athletics, it certainly did not disappoint. The AllAround ripstop fabric is built to last. It’s abrasion resistant, quick drying, and built for mobility, so you can move your body without concern about this fabric breaking.

By investing time and energy into truly groundbreaking fabrics, Feat Clothing has built its brand on a solid foundation. It doesn’t hurt that customers swear by their products, either, calling them “super comfy,” “well made,” and “perfect.” Those kinds of reviews are part of the reason the brand did ten million in sales in 2020 and expect that number to double every year. 

People just can’t get enough of its stuff — try it out for yourself, today.

Feat Clothing
Feat Clothing

Get To Know Feat’s Line Of Comfortable Athleisure

Ready to see Feat’s proprietary fabrics in action? Allow us to guide you through a few of the brand’s highlights from their online shop.

While we’re staying a little more focused on the out-of-the-house clothes, we’ve gotta say that Feat’s hoodies and joggers are some of the best on the market. Their BlanketBlend fabric is unbelievably soft and worth every penny. There’s a reason why Feat’s hoodies are one of their best-selling products — trust us.

The Roam Performance Pant

With many offices rethinking their approach to work-from-home and dress codes, the Roam Performance Pant arrived at exactly the right time. Made with sturdy and ultra-soft material, these pants look great and also happen to be super comfortable.

Simple and sleek styling makes these an obvious choice for work and social settings. You’d have to squint to realize they’re made with a four-way stretch and lightweight material. Try them in black, then get them in every color. You won’t regret it. 

Classic TreeCell Shirts

An issue that we run into all the time with shirts is that they wear out over time, especially shirts that are super soft. After a few wears and trips to the washer … forget it. The collar is stretched out, the shape is gone, and its softness is just a memory.

On that front, we have good news. Feat’s selection of t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts is an instant classic. Using their TreeCell fabric made with sustainably sourced Tencel and cotton, these shirts retain their shape while wrapping your body in a lightweight and breathable material. Plus you can get them in the iconic henley style and waffle style. 

Athletic Gear Built To Last

Last but not least is Feat’s activewear, which proves this brand is bringing true balance to the term athleisure. Their shorts come in a variety of fabrics, including AllAround, Roam, and TreeCell.

What brings these shorts together is the fit. If you like shorts that can sit a little higher on your waist and also be pulled down effortlessly, then Feat’s the brand you’ve been looking for. Versatile, perfectly made, and built to last, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your closet fills up with Feat’s activewear — and how quickly it becomes the only brand you wear. 

Recalibrate What Clothing Means To You With Feat

For Taylor Offer, wearing better clothes set him free. Now the question is: Are you ready to do the same?

Isn’t it time that clothes make you look good and feel good? If you ask us, we think that the freedom comfortable clothes give you is something worth investing in — especially when they’re as stylish, durable, and versatile as Feat’s extensive lines of activewear and loungewear. It’s a no-brainer.

If you agree, check out Feat’s online shop to learn more about its proprietary formulas, commitment to sustainability, and mission to support customer wellness.