This Tommie Copper Shirt Will Help Improve Your Posture

Tommie Copper, Shoulder Support Shirt
Courtesy of Tommie Copper

If you’re someone that worries about posture and making sure you’re keeping yourself straight through the day, there’s a new shirt that’s perfect for you. The new apparel innovation from Tommie Copper, the Shoulder Support Shirt, which you can get at, is a design that’s made to help enhance healthy posture in your body.

Tommie Copper, Shoulder Support Shirt
Courtesy of Tommie Copper

The shirt has special engineering that pulls your shoulders back and improves your posture naturally. With less slouching, your body will feel healthier and your posture will be straighter. While pulling your shoulders back, this compression shirt also targets your shoulders and upper back to help relieve aches and pains you deal with on a daily basis.

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Made from Tommie Copper’s super soft, proprietary 4D stretch fabric that is 100% infused with patented Copper Znergy™ to eliminate odor causing microbes on the fabric, the Shoulder Support Shirt will stay fresh as you go through your routine. Whether you’re at work or getting things done on the weekends, this is the perfect shirt to wear under your clothes. If it’s under a business shirt or worn alone with jeans or leggings, this shirt will go to work for you all day.

Tommie Copper’s Shoulder Support Shirt can help with a number of things:

Tommie Copper, Shoulder Support Shirt
Courtesy of Tommie Copper

Encourages healthy posture using 4D stretch fabric and ergonomic seams

Great for pain relief for your upper back and shoulders

Targeted compression for your shoulders and muscles along your spine

Copper ZnergyAnti-odor technology lasts the lifetime of the garment



Tommie Copper is the original Copper Compression Brand that revolutionized compression wear. Compression can help provide recovery and relief to stiff sore muscles, but it only works when you wear it.

That’s why Tommie Copper’s compression is so comfortable you won’t even know you have it on. And you can reap the benefits all day long. From the time Tommie Copper began (almost ten years ago), they have helped over a million people feel better… so you can get back to doing what you love.

Try the Shoulder Support Shirt for your upper back and shoulders. Or try any one of the Tommie Copper collection of products for your hands, back, feet or knees.

Wherever you need extra support and relief, Tommie Copper compression wear has you covered from head to toe! From socks and gloves to comfort back braces and knee sleeves, Tommie Copper is the solution for comfortable pain relief.

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