The Top 20 Hygiene & Grooming Deal Breakers, According to 20 Women


No one ever looks or smells their best 24/7. We get it. You skip a shower here, forget to trim your beard there. But have you ever wondered if you didn’t get a second date or were snubbed out of a first one because of a really bad grooming habit? There are bound to be men who have been broken up with over something as small as leaving the seat up. 

We sought to find out the bad habits that tick her off the most—to save her the frustration and you the embarrassment—by asking 20 women for your grooming and hygiene blunders that are bona fide deal breakers. 

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“I can’t stand when a guy has a unibrow. It’s not that hard to pluck!” – Haley R.

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“Bad nails. It’s not okay; it’s a direct reflection of who he is.” – Kelsey B.

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“Greasy-looking hair from not washing or using too much product. Please, don’t be that guy.” – Jackie  V.

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“I’m all about the scruff so I’d have to go with bad breath, terrible body odor, yellow teeth, and bad nails (for both toes and fingers). They’re simple, easy things to maintain. Plus, men’s cologne and deodorant smells orgasmic, why wouldn’t you want to wear it.” – Christina S. 

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“I might have to say really long nose hair. I don’t want to say it’s a complete deal breaker but it’s really distracting on a date, like that Tide commercial with the talking stain. I’m pretty sure you don’t want my takeaway from the date being “I have no idea what he said because I was so grossed out with the long nose hair.” – Sarah K.

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“Oh man, so many things… but I think bad breath and close talking.” – Abby G.

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“I have a teeth thing—I have not gone on second dates with guys because of bad teeth!” – Noelle A.

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“It drives me crazy and makes me want to throw up when guys have toenails that look like raptor claws. I’m not saying you have to get a bi-weekly pedicure but please, for the love of god, clip them.” – Kristen D. 

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“Bad dental hygiene. Nothing is more foul than a guy who doesn’t brush or take care of his teeth and mouth. No thank you.” – Marie S.

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“Cleanliness is next to Godliness, gentleman. If you have long hair, I’m cool with it. But make sure it’s washed.” -Ann K. 

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“Not washing before eating something with his hands, or not washing his hands and then trying to touch me afterwards.” – Athena L. 

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“Bad breath. Gum only costs a couple bucks.” – Julia C. 

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“It’s a deal breaker when a guy has longer finger nails than I do! Game over if there’s dirt underneath.” – Liz C.

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“Ugh, if he smells all the time—not just after a hard workout or being outside all day.” – Nicole G. 

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“Okay, so maybe not a deal breaker, but when he smells like sex from the night before and he didn’t brush his teeth yet.” – Cheryl S. 

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“Leaving the toilet seat up!” – Alexa. P

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“Long finger nails…” – Carly G.

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“When a guy clips his nails and leaves them lying around (instead of doing it over the garbage). I’m gagging just thinking about it.” – Kirsten S. 

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“A guy who doesn’t brush his teeth is the absolute worst.” – Courtney S.

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“Can’t stand bad B.O., but I love cologne.” – Danielle C. 

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