Top 5 Best Dressed Men


Come out of the closet, fellas. No, no, not that closet. I mean your closet, literally.

Sure, it might be neat and well organized. It might even be filled with a lot of expensive shirts, suits, shoes and sportswear. But for too many of my fellow mid-lifers, it remains a dangerous place—a source of ridicule, embarrassment and shame.

Just look around at some of your friends.

Some of them dress like they’re still in the ’80s, right? Others are chasing the latest trends, trying to style like the cool guys on Saturday Night Live! or, heaven forbid, CSI: Miami.

Others have seemingly just given up entirely. They look as if they walk into a store and say to the salesperson: “Give me something that looks like mud—and in two sizes bigger than I need.”

How we dress should change as we age. But we shouldn’t try to dress like our kids—or our dad. Nor do we have to concede our place in the “style lane” by wearing “b” clothes: big, bland and bound to get you snickered at.


Roy S. Johnson
Men’s Fitness
Editor In Chief

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