Touchscreen Gloves for Stylish Men

Courtesy Mujjo

Come winter, having technology at your fingertips doesn’t mean being able to use it. Rather than using the analog solution to the glove-touchscreen interface problem, cutting out the pointer finger, Amsterdam-based Mujjo has doubled down with nanotechnology. The brand’s slick leather gloves look completely normal, but simulates your iPhone’s experience of human touch.

Available in classic black leather with understated styling that’s more function than flash, Mujjo gloves keep hands warm as they swipe, tap, text, and scroll any capacitive touchscreen device – the iPad, iPhone 5, Galaxy, HTC, and LG smartphones – without exposing even a single digit to the harsh elements. Even better, the touchscreen functionality extends to every part of the gloves, not specific fingers or fingertips. At play under the black facade is company co-founder Tom Canters’s proprietary technology.

“The active materials are tanned into the fibers of the leather, rendering the functionality permanent,” Canters tells ‘Men’s Journal.’

Canters isn’t done tinkering. By tweaking its manufacturing process, Mujjo has recently come up with a way to sell an updated version of the touchscreen gloves it debuted last year for roughly 30 percent less. And that’s not the only improvement: rendered in Ethiopian lambskin, these hand warmers now come lined in soft cashmere wool and feature a fit that’s longer on the wrist to accommodate shorter jacket sleeve lengths.

“The leather will function in all environments, barring, of course, any barrier between the leather and the device. Cold, hot, wet, dry, etc.,” says Cantor, adding that the gloves will work despite, “extreme abrasion to the strike area.” That means your cracked device and brand-new gloves will get along just fine. [$102;]

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