Tough and Trendy Chinos

Mj 618_348_tough and trendy chinos

You know those Pabst-drinking, Dickies-wearing, half-pipe riders bumming around the lodges near Park City? Someone needs to tell them they outgrew the Green Day look sometime around Clinton’s reelection. Until recently, only Ben Davis and Carhartt have offered replacements suited to their beer-now, board-later lifestyles (more often than not in dated, one-size-fits-all styles). The good news is that boarders now have &Work‘s tough, Grease Monkey-ready apparel to bridge the gap between utility and style.

“We make boardsports-inspired clothing for guys who don’t want to look like a kid anymore,” says &Work founder Eric Wallis, who grew up snowboarding with friends in Lake Tahoe, but now spends much of his time in San Francisco, where the company is based. &Work’s pants, specifically the Hombre Chinos, evoke the hard-wearing uniforms of early twentieth-century craftsmen, but feature softer, more wearable cotton fabrics and modern, slimmer tailoring that make them as appropriate in a trendy Mission-District eatery as around the fire pit at a Jackson Hole resort. At the same time, the durability and functionality of old-school trade uniforms remains: triple-stitched seams, double wrapped buttons, and a waxed canvas pocket liner that won’t fall apart after dropping a utility knife into it a hundred times.

It’s tough to let go of brands we’ve worn our whole lives, but the Hombre Chinos are a strong argument for shelving those trusted but ill-fitting threads for good. [$60;]

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