Travel In Style With This Duffel Bag From Saks Fifth Avenue

Herschel Gorge Large Duffel Bag

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Who couldn’t use a good duffel bag in their life? Every guy needs one. Whether they are going to use it for gym purposes or for commuting to work, a good duffel bag won’t be useless.

There’s plenty of duffel bags that one can buy for carrying along their change of clothes. Those bags are made to get beat up but aren’t made to last. Durability is not on top of the priorities list when those kinds of bags are getting made.

What else isn’t on the priority list? Looking good. Those bags aren’t made to look good; they’re just made to go from one place to another when fashion isn’t on the docket. Which makes these kinds of bags lack versatility. No one is going to really want to use a dirty, unappealing looking bag to go to work or to use as a carry on bag for a quick airplane trip.

Getting anything from Saks Fifth Avenue is going to be a fashionable choice. We all know Saks and there’s a reason for that. Just consistently good products on sale all the time. And you may not think a duffel bag would fit the scheme there, but there is. The Herschel Gorge Large Duffel Bag is in the Saks store and it will become a quick favorite.

Herschel Gorge Large Duffel Bag

Herschel Gorge Large Duffel Bag

Why will the Herschel Gorge Large Duffel Bag become a quick favorite? It’s pretty simple. The thing is a good-looking bag. It’s not something over the top with a crazy design. No, it is just a strong and appealing black duffel bag. The material is what gives it that strong sense of style. Because it is no cheap piece of material.

That’s what makes the Herschel Gorge Large Duffel Bag look good, but it’s also makes it a durable bag. It can be used over and over again without any real worry that it will split open or get ripped to shreds. Whatever use you are going to have for it, it will survive it.

There are many uses one can have for a duffel bag. It may not get used every day, but when you need one you are going to be glad you have one as good as the Herschel Gorge Large Duffel Bag. Save on it now to make life easier in the future. It will be really annoying to find yourself in the position of needing it and not having it. Especially if you pass up on this deal.

Get It: Pick up the Herschel Gorge Large Duffel Bag ($84; was $140) at Saks Fifth Avenue

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