A Two-Second Solution to the Lame-Dude Dilemma

Inside_hook rotator

Last spring, when we were in search of ways to make the most of our warmer-weather weekends, we stumbled upon InsideHook, an email newsletter for guys looking to do something out-of-the-box with their girlfriends, wives, buddies or by themselves. From restaurant openings to rock climbing adventures to better-fitting jeans, the service, in short, makes dudes a little less lame. Or at least that was our take when we wrote about it in The Insider’s Guide to Being Interesting

Fast-forward a year later, and we are happy to report that the service still kicks ass. In fact, we just learned that our friends at InsideHook, including creator Andy Russell, have been nominated for a Webby award in the e-newsletter category. (If you’re a fan, you can vote for them here.)

Sick of doing (and wearing, and seeing) the same old stuff? Here’s a sampling of some of the experiences currently on tap at InsideHook.com:

  • The Running of the Bulls—in America. Get tickets and start planning a crazy weekend in one of nine participating US cities.
  • Back-to-basics wristwear. Miro’s minimalist watches look sharp, but are super simple to operate–no GPS, laser hands or chronometers here.
  • Plan a “glamping” trip. A Rockies ghost town with a vineyard. And yurts. It’s a camping trip your girlfriend just might agree to.

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