Upgrade Your Everyday Coat

Mj 618_348_upgrade your everyday winter coat
Courtesy of J.Hilburn

As the season grows colder and colder, there will be days when you need an oppressively heavy overcoat to brave the elements, and rare (though glorious) days when it’s just warm enough to leave your layers at home and challenge Mother Nature before the chill sets back in until Spring. For every other day, a light versatile jacket will do the trick. 

J.Hilburn’s Highlander, which is “kind of a refined Barbour coat” according to creative director Jon Patrick, pays homage to traditional English waxed jackets, but with an updated, modern fit, a water resistant nylon shell, a cotton herringbone lining, “and enough fill in there to keep you warm while doing just about anything outdoors.”

You need something that looks good with everything. This is that. The goat suede yoke and trim help to dress up any T-shirt for weekend extra-curriculars (hiking, fishing, other mountain things), but the quilted look works just as well Monday through Friday, whether you’re tossing it on over a plaid or chambray workshirt, swapping it in for a stuffy navy blazer, or need to pack on an extra layer over a suit or sweater. 

When summer comes around, toss it in the closet and look forward to breaking it out when the weather turns nasty again. The rugged coat should be able to take the beating of a few rough winters while still fetching the same compliments. [$450; JHilburn.com

Check out J.Hilburn’s Manhattan Pop-Up Shop from now through November 15.

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