Veronica Mars’ Jason Dohring on Bikes, Golf, and Gardening

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On the eve of the SXSW premiere of the highly anticipated “Veronica Mars” feature film, we speak to the actor about Kickstarter campaigns, his first motorcycle, the pleasure of growing your own food.

What did you think when you first heard about the “Veronica Mars” Kickstarter campaign?
I had no idea really what Kickstarter was when they first announced that they were going to do it. It seemed like a really lofty goal as well, because I don’t think anything had been done quite in the category that we were thinking with it.

Is Kristen Bell fun to work with?
We all went out to dinner last night, a couple of us sat around afterwards and had cigars. She brought her little girl, and she’s showing us pictures of her at the Oscars and stuff like that, it’s just great. She’s like a movie star, so she kind of shares all that sort of life with us, and we love seeing what she’s up to. She has such a spirit of play.

You’re big into motorcycles – what are you currently riding?
I have a 1375 Harley Davidson Dyna Glide that I like to just cruise around on. My brother-in-law has an 848 Ducati that I like to buzz around a little bit, although it’s not great for long rides, but people look at you, which is cool.

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How did you get into bikes?
I grew up on dirt bikes since I was a little kid. My son, we just got him his first electric little motorcycle that he can ride even in the parks. He’s three years old and he just got his first bike, so we enjoy daddy-son time in the park, and I’m teaching him to ride. One of my best memories growing up was being on my little PW-80 motorcycle, just cruising up and down and hills. I remember getting it for my thirteenth birthday, my dad rode it up the driveway, and I was just jumping up and down, I was so excited.

What’s your dream motorcycle?
Oh, man, I really like that [Ducati] 848, I think that’s pretty fucking awesome. Maybe a white one, I think that would sort of be my dream bike, which is why I get to steal my brother-in-law’s from time to time.

You are also a big golfer, what are some of your favorite courses?
The Wynn is beautiful, Shadow Creek is beautiful, Spyglass Hill is one of my favorites, up in Carmel.

Do you have a steady golf group?
I play semi-regularly with Michael Pena and Danny Masterson, they’re a couple buddies of mine. They’re out of control.

You’ve recently started your own organic garden. What’s your favorite thing to cook that you grow?
Just eating fresh fruit is unbelievable. To grow it yourself and to go out there with your kids and pick fruit is just unreal.

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