Watch of the Week: New G-Shock GMWB5000PB-6 Shines Like Tokyo at Twilight

G-Shock GMWB5000PB-6 watch
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Aside from their well-deserved reputation for dependability and toughness, G-Shock watches have another key selling point—with digital displays and chunky styling, many models have a certain retro-futurist cool. The new GMWB5000PB-6, part of the Full Metal 5000 collection of watches, leans heavily into that aesthetic thanks to its eye-catching purple and blue ion plating. With its blocky lines (a reference to the iconic DW5000, the first G-Shock), digital display, and moody colors, it looks like it was pulled from the set of Blade Runner.

While it looks like an accessory that belongs on the wrist of Rick Deckard, ’80s sci-fi wasn’t actually the point of inspiration for the GMWB5000PB-6. Instead, G-Shock’s designers worked to evoke the image of Tokyo at twilight—the purple and blue-gray ion plating imitating the subdued tones washing over the city. The all-metal watch prominently features the new purple colors, while the digital face includes small hits of purple, light blue, and orange—a nod to the lights and shadows of the city at dusk.

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The bezel features a subtle “hairline” finish, while the rest of the case and bracelet boast a polished mirror finish for a sleek look. In another reference to nighttime, the LCD display is reversed, with light grey digits on a black background. Combined with the monochrome brick wall pattern that surrounds it, the display gives off a “dark mode” look that’s perfect for a night spent exploring the city (Tokyo, LA, or anywhere).

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G-Shock GMWB5000PB-6
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Aesthetics aren’t the only thing to like about the GMWB5000PB-6. It’s solar powered and features G-Shock’s Multi Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping, which uses radio signals to update the watch and ensure accurate time when traveling the globe. It’s also Bluetooth-enabled, so you can pair it with your phone, and it even includes a phone-finder function to help you track down your device if you lose it (a bit of sci-fi tech that’s sure to be helpful in day-to-day life).

Of course, it’s not a G-Shock if it isn’t tough, and the GMWB5000PB-6 lives up to that reputation. It’s designed to resist shocks and bumps, and it’s water-resistant to 200 meters, too.

Ready to grab one? It’s now available for preorder, and will be available for purchase later this month.


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