We Found The Most Comfortable Workout Shirt

Most Comfortable Workout Shirt
Tasc Performance

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We have all been there—you just want to run to the gym, so you throw on the first clean t-shirt and get going. It’s convenient until it’s not. That moment when your itchy fabric scratches your skin, your sweat collects, and you are just on fire.

We discovered something that will make you cooler in more ways than one: the most comfortable workout shirt out there, by tasc Performance. Now you can spend your time and energy worrying about your fitness and not worrying about how uncomfortable you feel. You don’t have to deal with scratchy material anymore. We found you a shirt that checks all the boxes: extreme comfort, versatility, and style, all wrapped up with natural performance features. Yes, we’re talking about anti-odor properties, breathable fabric, and sun protection, all without added chemical finishes, thanks to a bamboo fabric blend.

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tasc Performance has designed the perfect versatile t-shirt to go as far as you do without holding you back. The Carrollton Fitness T-Shirt will bring you everything you want in a workout shirt and more. You can also take this shirt from errands to the gym and even to a quick lunch date—it works everywhere. You can wear it out, and you’ll never look like you just came from the gym. We haven’t looked back, and neither will you if you try the Carrollton T-Shirt for yourself.

How The tasc Performance Carrollton T-Shirt Has Changed Our Gym Game

Making an impact on our planet and the entire clothing industry is great, but how will the Carrollton Fitness T-Shirt make an impact for you? Allow us to explain—the game is changed.

The Carrollton T-Shirt has completely eliminated our frustrations with active apparel, and it’s allowed us to focus on our fitness goals and anything else our day throws towards us. This unbeatable shirt can withstand the toughest workouts without having to sacrifice comfort. On top of the gym perks it brings, it also transitions from a workout to around town so well. After all, we know there’s not always time to shower after that cardio blast or lifting session.

The performance that lasts is unlike any other article of clothing. You’ll love how you can go about your daily routine without sweating the small stuff, which is pretty huge. We’re not missing the old ways of those other shirts, and neither will you.

You’ll find yourself reaching for this shirt on the daily. It’s the first shirt that tasc Performance made and the last one you’ll ever want to buy. Once you experience the sustainable Carrollton Fitness T-Shirt and the new level of comfort and versatility it brings, you will never go back.

The Tale Of The Most Comfortable Workout Tee

tasc Performance is a family-owned company that believes in producing functional clothing in a functional way. They are not just selling clothing; they are selling a lifestyle. Holding themselves accountable for the responsibility they have to nurture our planet while being responsible for providing you with game-changing activewear is what they promise, and they definitely deliver.

Their roots are planted down in New Orleans, LA, the most interesting city in America. After they became frustrated with fashion standards and clothing production methods, a family of four insisted on getting involved in clothing production themselves to have first-hand involvement in the process.

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The Andrews family stopped settling and created an alternative to the typical performance garment. Rather than using 100% synthetic materials, which are what you’ll find in most of the activewear pieces out there, they ditched all of these petrochemicals and opted for a more natural option—bamboo.

This bamboo fabric uses a combination of bamboo viscose, which is thread formed from fibers found in bamboo plants, and organic cotton for an all-around better feel. The luxurious feeling fabric delivers natural performance with zero harmful chemical enhancements—because those are not good for you and are not good for our planet. Plus, those chemicals will wash out with wear over time, and you’re left with a shirt that not only doesn’t perform as well as it once did, but also can really stink.

For the past 12 years, tasc Performance has gone above and beyond to deliver over 15 different fabrics that are all completely unique in their blends, textures, and varying weights. Instead of relying on outsourcing for fabrics like the majority of the clothing industry often does, tasc Performance paved a completely new path to use more intuitive materials in their long-term approach. Bridging the gap between clothing production and environmental consideration has always been their goal.

Incorporating superior breathability with moisture-wicking technology and odor defense is just the beginning of this tasc Performance Carrollton T-Shirt. Additionally, the Bamboo Performance Technology includes UPF 50+ sun protection without the use of any chemical finishes. The extremely comfortable shirt delivers all of these benefits in addition to its dynamic design for endless wearability—any time and any place.

Better takes time, and tasc believes that while there is weakness found in following a trend, there is great strength in setting new standards.

Visit tasc Performance online to read about their production methods to learn about functional clothing and the most comfortable workout t-shirt.

tasc Cares About Sustainability On All Fronts: From the Planet to the People

Clearly, since we’re invested in our physical health, our mental health, and maintaining an active lifestyle, we also care about health as a whole. This is something that we share in common with the tasc Performance team.

tasc is concerned with prioritizing physical health along with the health of mother Earth. The company’s production and relentless innovation are incomparable. The tasc factory is a complete hub of sustainability and responsibility.

Located in India, the tasc Performance factory is a hot spot for eco-friendly activity. Sustainability is their standard within all of their practices, and here is how:

  • 100% of all of the power that is required to run the knitting and sewing facility in the tasc Performance factory is completely generated using solar power and wind.
  • 99% of all of the water that is used within the factory is fully recovered, to then be treated and reused. This is done in a closed-loop process, and this keeps the treated water excluded from the ecosystem.
  • 72% of all of the products tasc Performance makes are primarily made from organic materials, which leaves them natural fiber dominant.

tasc Performance contributes an abundance of TLC to not only the planet, but also to communities. The founders of tasc have a close relationship with the family-owned factory in India, and they are an extraordinarily tight-knit group.

Agreeing to be pioneers with fair and empowering practices within the workplace, tasc Performance has created an 18% increase in the local average wages in their community in India. They’ve also provided healthcare for all of the employees and all of their families, along with subsidized housing and food.

In addition to all of the benefits that are provided to the tasc Performance factory employees, there is also an emphasis on growth within the company. With integrated skill development and constant advancement, there are weekly events centered around team-building and local culture within the community. There is also recognition and training for the disabled, opening equal opportunities and programs to include everybody.

tasc performance and the entire team are devoted to building up a stronger community while building a stronger planet.

Join the mission to do better while you feel better in your new Carrollton Fitness T-Shirt.

Most Comfortable Workout Shirt
Tasc Performance

 How To Join The Comfort Club

The tasc Performance Carrollton Fitness T-Shirt is available for purchase on their website as well as in their stores or in a tasc retail location near you. You will be able to choose your size from options S all the way to XXL. There are 20 colors to choose from.

On top of the affordable prices that we love, tasc Performance also offers several ways to get more bang for your buck. If you decide to take the opportunity to save 15% off of your first purchase by providing an email address and birthday online or in stores, they’ll keep in touch, and keep you in the loop for when any sales, restocks, or other exciting news happens. If that’s not your jam, no worries. They won’t hold it against you if you decide not to.

Additionally, tasc offers free and fast shipping to you if you decide to spend $100 or more on their website. Whether you want to stock up on Carrollton Tees for yourself or to share the comfort with friends and family, that’s your business, but take our word for it—you’ll want to keep them all.

The tasc Performance Carrollton Fitness T-Shirt Is the Workout Shirt You Didn’t Know You Needed

You are busy, and staying on top of your schedule and daily life requires all of your time and attention. Stop putting your energy into finding functional athletic clothing. We found it! Once the Carrollton Fitness T-Shirt hits your back, you will hit the ground running.

While you do your part, tasc Performance will do theirs. Team up with the tasc Performance family to create change and make the world more comfortable.

Grab the most comfortable workout t-shirt today.

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