Wear Smokey Bear on Your Wrist

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Outdoor gear brand Filson has built a solid reputation as being a go-to for both the rugged-minded (fisherman, hikers, hunters) and rugged-at-heart (commuting urbanites) for more than a century. For its latest partnership, the Seattle-based label has partnered with the U.S. Forest Service on a collection that celebrates everyone’s favorite PSA-dispensing bear.

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Filson's relationships with the outdoors — and, in particular, with the men and women who work in the woods — spans generations, from outfitting timber cruisers in the early 1900s to providing uniforms for the U.S. Forest Service in the 1940s. These were moments Alex Carleton, the brand's creative director, sought to build upon with this collaboration.

The recently launched special collection includes a Smokey Bear blanket made with 100-percent virgin wool by Pendleton, as well as a tee, and a water bottle and cap. The focal point, however, is no doubt the Smokey Bear Watch. An updated version of the Mackinaw Field watch, it features the classic Smokey Bear icon with his signature slogan, and is individually numbered to 1,000 pieces.

At $1,000, it also happens to be Filson’s most expensive timepiece — justified perhaps by its collectability and limited status. Maybe. No doubt a quality watch (Filson watches are produced by brethren brand Shinola, both companies under the Bedrock Manufacturing umbrella), the question that begs to be asked is whether a slap of a new logo warrants a four-figure price tag. As a bonus, the watch does come with a host of accessories, including a Smokey Bear x Filson book, six vintage-inspired postcards, and a bandana.

Filson Smokey Bear Watch and Bandana, $1,000, filson.com

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