What Compression Underwear Can Do for You

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Taking care of your junk is one of man’s all-time greatest responsibilities.

Usually, men know from about the time they enter Little League, when they start climbing fences or when they start riding a bicycle that their package is a delicate, irreplaceable thing. One move in the wrong direction or break in concentration can be very costly to your twig and berries. And as technology has advanced, men have more options than ever for protecting their junk.

One such option comes in the form of compression underwear.

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Compression underwear can do a lot for you. These types of hi-tech drawers are known to help relieve pain from muscle stiffness and soreness. They also can also aid in reducing the time needed for muscles to repair themselves. With the right amount of compression, underwear like these can improve blood circulation, which supplies more oxygen to muscles as they’re working. Take the new Jockey Sport compression underwear, for example. They’re designed to manage moisture, control odor and allow for air to flow to your junk.

You run the risk of trauma to your gibbles in almost every sport there is, and that’s why you should give compression underwear a try. The compression will keep each part of your package in place and, unlike typical cottons, will enable a steady stream of air flow, while absorbing sweat.

So give them a try the next time you’re on the basketball court, on a long run, or on the set of Jackass. Your equipment will thank you.

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