What the Hell Is Testicle Ironing?

Testicle ironing teaser

THE TREND: Testicle Ironing

WHAT IT IS: A “male laser lift” that tightens the scrotum and rids it of wrinkles, blemishes, and discoloration.

HOW WE KNOW ABOUT IT: George Clooney joked about getting his “balls ironed” in an interview—but turns out it’s actually becoming popular, especially in L.A.


WHY GUYS ARE DOING IT: “Wrinkles may be one issue, but some men may also have [embarrassing] benign papules—firm, tiny bumps usually located on the tip of the penis, shaft, and scrotum. [It’s] hard to convince their partner it’s not warts or an STD.”—Cosmetic dermatologist Ariel Ostad, M.D.

WHAT OUR EXPERT SAYS: “The drawbacks aren’t worth the potential benefits. The risks for injury or infection are too high.”—Cosmetic dermatologist Jeffrey Benabio, M.D.

BOTTOM LINE: For blemishes, fine. But anything else just seems ridiculous. At least they use numbing cream first.

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