What Men Should Wear to a Wedding

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Eric Raptosh / Getty Images

Spring wedding season means charging new clothes to your credit card in an effort to collect points so you can fly for free to your cousin’s nuptials in Dubuque. It’s a logistically challenging time of year, but you can make it look easy by following a few simple style rules and doing whatever the mother of the brides asks.

Don’t Buy a Tux
Don’t let an invitation with those dreaded words – “black tie” – intimidate you into buying a penguin suit you won’t wear regularly. The only time when you should buy a tux specifically for a wedding is when you intend to stand at the front of the ceremony with either your fiance or your child. Wait to buy your tux until something special catches your eye and, in the meantime, rent one from TheBlackTux.com. The rental service is affordable and convenient and you won’t end up wearing the same outfit to multiple weddings.

Choose Your Sunglasses Carefully
Men’s sunglasses fall into two silos: There are glasses that make you look like a badass and glasses that make you look like you’re headed to the beach. When you’re at a wedding, stick with the latter. Avoid reflective lenses, black aviators, and traditional wayfarers. Look instead for clear or colored acetate frames and more circular styles. You don’t want to look like a stoic bodyguard when you should be looking like a supportive friend.

Keep Your Footwear Playful
Your work shoes are great, but they have about as much business at your friend’s wedding as one of your coworkers. Ditch them for a pair of boat shoes (worn without socks) or a pair of heavily detailed brogues worn with colorful socks. Colorful socks aren’t just a fun touch: The process required to get the yarn to hold dye also makes brighter socks more resilient and less likely to soak through or stretch out. You’ll appreciate the support when the band launches into “Twist and Shout.”

Bring an Extra Pocket Square
Find two pocket squares, fold the one you don’t like as much, and put in your breast pocket. When your date or one of the bridesmaids starts crying, hand it over and politely demure when she offers to give it back. Replace it with the better pocket square before the reception.

Choose a Textured Shirt
You’ll be tempted to be put on that starchy cotton shirt you always wear at fancy functions – don’t. Instead, try on a colored chambray number. These denim shirts are less likely to show stains if you stand outside too long during the ceremony or reception and look great with dark ties. You’ll look less like you’re in the wedding party and more like you’re attending a wedding party. That’s always a good thing.

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