Which Hairstyling Product Should You Use? [VIDEO]

Which Hairstyling Product Should You Use? [VIDEO]

Some guys don’t give a ton of extraneous thought to their hair—that is, beyond washing it each day and wondering if/when/where it’s going to start falling out. If that’s you, then updating your hairstyle to sync with the season or to project a new image probably seems like a lot more hassle than it’s worth. Trust us, we feel you on that. But whether you’ve been using the same gel or mousse since you were in high school—or have never put anything in your hair at all—it’s a lot easier than you might think to switch up your look simply by switching up your product. In this video, Men’s Fitness senior editor Dean Stattmann shows you how to use five of the most popular hair products for men.

As you watch, take note of our “cheat sheet” to top hair styling products for guys:

Hair Gel: Use it if you have short to medium hair and are looking to keep yours exactly where you put it all day long. You can go for a “wet” look with gel—or matte.

Pomade: If you want a hold that’s a little bit more pliable (i.e., your hair can actually move around a bit) use this product. It’s great for that “bedhead” look women love.

Mousse: Guys with longer hair should consider using mousse. It’ll give you more control and definition than using nothing at all, but your hair can still move naturally.

Hair Spray: To max out the hold on longer hair, use hair spray. It will control frizz and flyaways without making your hair feel sticky.

Hair Cream: Consider trying out this increasingly popular guys’ grooming product—it helps to thicken and texturize your hair but feels natural to the touch.

Watch the video, then find out how to use products to achieve the best new hairstyles for men

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