Maddox Gallery Creative Director Jay Rutland on Coming to New York

Jay Rutland, creative director of Maddox Gallery
Maddox Gallery

The Maddox Gallery is ready for the Big Apple.

With three well-established galleries in London and one in Gstaad, Switzerland, Creative Director Jay Rutland felt it was the right time to bring Maddox’s cutting-edge art and exciting roster of artists to Art New York for the first time.

“My goal has always been to develop the company and bring a fresh approach to the art world,” Rutland tells Men’s Journal. “After opening three galleries in the UK and one in Switzerland within two years, the US art market was the next milestone, which is something that not many UK galleries have achieved easily. After the huge success we had in Miami at the end of 2017, it seemed natural for us to come to Art New York—an art fair in a city which is considered as one of the ‘Art Capitals’ of the world. I’ve always liked a challenge and New York is considered as one of the art market holy grails.”

The gallery will have a large presence at the event, holding one of the largest booths and featuring artists like David Yarrow, Mr. Brainwash, Harland Miller, Niclas Castello, RETNA, Michael Moebius, Fabio Vale, Bradley Theodore, Christina Hook and the Connor Brothers.

Many of the artists will be featuring new and exclusive works at the event, including Mr. Brainwash, Hook, RETNA, and Yarrow, who has continued to build a reputation as one of the top wildlife photographers in the world. Rutland is excited to have the work in New York with Maddox.

“I am inspired by David Yarrow because of the lengths he goes to capture the perfect image,” Rutland says. “He constantly finds himself in life-threatening situations just to get the perfect photograph, he is never afraid of pushing himself to the limits to achieve success—something that I admire and strive to achieve with Maddox gallery.”

Art New York runs from May 3-6.

Men’s Journal caught up with Rutland to talk about coming to Art New York, what artists inspire him, and how he built the Maddox Gallery.

Men’s Journal: What are you most excited about in bringing the gallery to Art New York?

Jay Rutland: I am most excited for people to experience the Maddox Gallery approach to art and also become familiar with our talented roster of artists. The art world can be extremely elitist in this day and age and I want to educate visitors to our booth that you do not have to be an aficionado or have some sort of special art knowledge to enjoy or collect artwork. I sincerely hope that visitors to our booth will be refreshed by our approach. We try to make art inclusive to everyone.

What has been your strategy on building the brand for the gallery and bringing in the artists you’ve featured?

When we started Maddox Gallery we saw a gap in what was quite an antiquated marketplace. Social media is the driving force behind so many companies, but when we opened Maddox Gallery in 2015 there were very few Art Galleries who had an online presence. It was here that I saw an opportunity to drive Maddox Gallery in a way that had never been done before in the art world. This approach instantly garnered the attention of millennial collectors which in turn filtered through to gaining the interest from some of the biggest art collectors in the world.

Why do you think these artists fit so well with your gallery and brand?

I often get asked as to why and how we choose our artists at Maddox Gallery. It is probably one of the hardest questions for me to respond to as we are still growing as a company so there is no definitive answer to this. Ultimately we choose to work with artists who have a similar work ethos to us at Maddox Gallery, i.e the hardest working artists, the ones that go the extra mile whether that be on painting a work, framing a work or promoting themselves. As a company, we always will go above and beyond the call of duty, so we work with artists who will do the same.

What do you find most inspiring about the artists and their work that you’re featuring?

What I find inspiring about each and every one of our artists is that they have the courage to be vulnerable. As Creative Director I have the privilege of spending time with our artists and what I have learned is that whether it is a painting on canvas, paper, a sculpture, or photography each work that they produce is a piece of their soul that they are putting out into the public to be judged. I am in constant awe of their fearless talent.

What do you find most interesting about these artists? What excites you about having these artists and their work be featured here in New York?

David Yarrow has been inspiring for all he does to get those perfect images. Fabio Viale is someone who I admire because he is a groundbreaker like Maddox Gallery. His sculptures were the first contemporary sculptures to ever be displayed in one of the most famous churches in the world: the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Florence boasts the greatest concentration of sculptures by Michelangelo worldwide. Then there is Christian Hook who has become one of the most sought-after portrait artists of our time with his works being in the Permanent Collection of the National Gallery in Scotland, something he has accomplished from pure determination.

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