Woolmark Presents: the White Briefs Nick Wooster


Wool is among the most classic, pliant fabrics known to man; durable and built to be worn. Nick Wooster is a bad-ass fashion influencer becoming ubiquitous among the Instagram trend setters. What makes more sense than to see Wool and Wooster work together? Woolmark Presents The White Briefs Nick Wooster is a capsule collection of the finest Merino wool pieces such as gym shorts, briefs and robes in rich yet simple tones of Navy, Gray, Black and Olive. “The world is experiencing an increasing trend in casualisation, with consumers looking for products that can adapt and change with their everyday needs,” says The Woolmark Company Managing Director Stuart McCullough. “Merino wool is well-suited for casual luxury attire; its inherent properties such as superb next-to-skin softness and natural breathability make it the fibre of choice for designers across the world. Merino wool is, no doubt, a premium fibre, and so The White Briefs and Nick Wooster have created a premium collection for the modern man.”  The collection just debuted at Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy which is the world’s most important showcases for textiles and new uses of them. It’s not like Fashion Week, with models running around everywhere. It’s for the real deal innovators who make the fashion happen.

I got five minutes for five questions with Nick to chat about his partnership with Woolmark and his capsule collection with The White Briefs. Look at the upscale collection here.

What led you to team up with Woolmark? Why Merino Wool instead of another textile?
I have always loved working with wool and feel that it is the cornerstone of a man’s wardrobe. I also am passionate about working with innovators. so when the opportunity to work with The Woolmark Company was presented to me I couldn’t say no. Creating newness is important to me and Merino wool’s versatility allows one to pioneer.

What other wool innovations could you possibly see working with in the near future?
I have already worked with wool in interesting ways from footwear to accessories and look forward to the never ending possibilities.

What wool trends in Pitti Uomo, in Florence, Italy, are you seeing that you really love and or do not like at all?
I am at Pitti to launch my collection with The White Briefs via The Woolmark Company and Lardini so I sadly I haven’t had much time to walk the show, but Pitti is always a place that inspires.

Which item do you think is a style essential for every man at any age?
Every man needs a great Merino wool suit or sweater as these items are timeless and never go out of style. 

You are one of the coolest guys in the game. Who do you see as a style inspiration, particularly for this capsule collection?
This particular Merino wool collection really was conceived around how men like me live their lives. In simple terms we wanted to create wardrobe essentials for astute travelers that felt familiar, yet challenged the perception of what undergarments could be. Merino wool is an amazing fiber in that it keeps you cool when it is warm and keeps you warm when it is cool, so for someone who spends a lot of time globetrotting, this should be a go to.