Yes, Women Judge Your Hands

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Two main reasons a lot of men we know (no names, please) bite their nails instead of doing the civilized thing and getting their hands manicured: 1) No patience to make the round-trip (or spend the money) to see a pro for some small dangler nobody notices but you; and 3) Too insecure in their manhood to sit in a nail salon chair. There are more, such as the complicated, overthought 20-piece nail trimmer set someone decides every few years will make a good Christmas present. (Note to gift-givers: Stop it.)

Be forewarned, however, that you are about to lose most of your excuses for ugly nails with the Revlon Men’s Series Essential Grooming Kit ($15 at This simple, four-piece set gives guys exactly what we need to make our fingers presentable in nice places, without all those extraneous widgets.

In the Essential Grooming Kit, you will find four precision-crafted stainless steel implements specifically made for larger hands and tougher nails. Included are scissors, clippers, tweezers, and a file/cuticle pusher/under-nail cleaner. That’s it, and that’s all we need. The scissor loops are actually big enough for men’s fingers, and come with a safety tip to avoid unnecessary carnage as you trim. The tweezers have a slant tip for better grip and angle, and clippers are two-sided to work on both hands and feet. The tools have been designed for strength and durability, and will not rust after a few uses the way many sets do. It all comes in a self-holding, padded travel case.

If you’re a guy who loves a lot of minuscule gadgets or prefers a separate tool for every aspect of nail trimming, filing, buffing, and sculpting, then yeah, this probably isn’t the set for you. But for the rest of us — guys who’d like a nail kit that offers simple choices made from quality material — this here will save you the embarrassment of ugly fingers. And being caught dead to rights in the salon chair.

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