You Should Clean Your Face with Mud

Getty Images

Gifted by many a knowing wife, Portland General Store’s Face Bomb ($28 at is the stuff your face needs to remove all the grime (and rough spots, red splotches, unexpected breakouts, blackheads, and dull skin) that daily life sends your way.

Face Bomb is the manly version of all those flowery-smelling facial scrubs you see on your girl’s bathroom counter. Here, you have a faintly woodsy, subtly spicy jar of natural Rhassoul clay from the mountains of Morocco, known for its mineral-rich properties including skin-enhancing silica, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and lithium.

The potent, all-natural concoction is blended by hand and includes sandalwood essential oil and finely ground walnut shells for gentle exfoliation. Unlike some synthetic scrubs, the shells in Face Bomb are ground so finely they sooth more than scratch when you massage the mud into your skin.

The Portland General Store, run by two ex-New Yorkers who escaped to the calmer lifestyle of Portland, Maine, focuses on using all natural ingredients without pesticides in its products. On the slight downside, that means that you should probably use this jar within 6 months of opening to gain the most benefits from the raw ingredients. Once you try it, we can almost guarantee that won’t be an issue.

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