Your Style Secret Weapon: a Custom Fit

You’d be hard-pressed to find a guy in the gym who doesn’t work out, at least in part, so he can look hold-your-breath amazing without clothes on. But what’s the point of all that toning and sculpting if your clothes make you look like you threw on a bedsheet before leaving the house?

Admit it: Your current strategy for looking sharp likely involves a trip to the mall, where you grab something in your pre-determined size. But unless you’ve just walked off a stage or movie set, the likelihood of a menswear store having clothing tailored to fit your exact measurements is slim. Something will always be off—waist, collar width, sleeve length.

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That’s where custom fits enter the game. Sure, it costs a little extra, but you’ll be glad you shelled out the cash when you compare your old duds to ones that actually work for your build. “If there’s one thing that never goes out of style, it’s clothes that fit you the right way,” says Jon Patrick, VP of product for J.Hilburn. “Once you’ve got a good fit, then you can move on to the details—crafting a personal look that reflects your personality and lifestyle first and what’s trending second.”

Luckily, there are some trends that won’t steer you wrong, whatever your look entails. “For starters, sportcoats have found their way back to prominence, and they’re not just for nine-to-fiving at the office,” Patrick says. Updated versions include subtle prints and patterns, which give them the versatility to be worn with a sharp dress shirt or with jeans and the right T-shirt or lightweight sweater.

Also, if there’s one style principle that’ll live on forever, it’s paying attention to details. We’re not just talking sleeve length and button placement, but also personalized linings, new lapel styles, and pocket details. Updating your look can be as simple as adding the right pocket square or switching your cufflinks.

After all, if you’re working hard to maintain your body, your clothes should reflect that.

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