30 Squats for a Subway Ride in Moscow

Russia squat subway rotator

Greetings, comrades!

In a strong-armed effort to promote the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Moscow city officials along with the Russian Olympic Committee are allowing Muscovites to pay for their subway ride in 30 squats – as opposed to 30 rubles (about 92 cents).

And riders shouldn’t even think about cheating. They’ll be performing squats with perfect form, on a machine that makes sure the body is properly positioned and the squat is complete.

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“We wanted to show that the Olympic Games is not just an international competition that people watch on TV, but that it is also about getting everyone involved in a sporting lifestyle,” Alexander Zhukov, president of the Russian Olympic Committee, told Russian state news wire RIA-Novosti.

Squatting for a subway ride could benefit a lot of places—namely New York City, where fares are at $2.50 for a single ride and the obesity rate has risen 25% since 2002. Squats for fare, Mr. De Blasio?

If you’re on your way to the Motherland and still can’t seem to hit the mandatory 30 squats to get from point A to point B, check out our strategies for boosting your back squat and remind yourself why squats are essential to a healthy physique.

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