4 Ways to Travel Savvy This Spring

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1) Bring your own shoes

“While you can score a good, pro-level bike at these locations, I suggest packing your footwear. While these locations may rent out accessories like helmets, no one rents shoes. And besides, it’s a personal item that is easy to pack—and well worth the effort. If you have to, carry them on the flight over.”

2) Visit the local bike shop

“These guys always have a vast wealth of knowledge and are hugely friendly. And that local information is huge—especially if you’re going over hills and terrain you’ve never gone over before. And it’s their turf, so, you know, pay your respects.”

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3) Fork out for full suspension

These [rear-and-front suspension] bikes, which are pricier, just ride better. If you’re descending rocky terrain, getting bumped and jostled, you’re going to need it, especially if you don’t bike much. And you’ve come all this way, so you may as well pay slightly more for comfort.” 

4) Use a hockey bag

“If you’re bringing your own bike with you,be sure to pack it in a hockey bag. With your bike disguised as sports equipment—bikes, for some reason at airports, technically aren’t classified that way—you might dodge an extra baggage fee.”

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