4 websites for booking adventures

Booking your next adventure is just a click away. Photo: shannonbadiee/Twenty20

As adventurers know, planning a getaway isn’t as simple as getting time off work and picking a location. Once you’ve decided on the when and where, there’s also the what: What are you going to do when you get there?

Luckily, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, numerous websites have emerged to help you effortlessly map out your next vacation. Here are four we recommend:

For the busy angler: Amberjack

Amberjack  getaway adventure website fishing charter
Amberjack takes the hassle out of finding a good charter. Photo: Amberjack
There are few things in life more relaxing than spending a day out fishing.

Conversely, however, there are few things in life more frustrating then trying to book a fishing charter if you’re busy, especially if you are new to an area. Finding good captains and fishing guides in places you aren’t familiar with can be a stressful experience to say the least.

Amberjack is here to fix that.

By combining the search process that allows you to see a map of all fishing guides and charters available on a specific date with an easy to use booking tool and reviews, it’s essentially a one-stop shop for the weary angler looking to cast a line.

For the spontaneous sailor: Boatbound

Boatbound rental ship sailing adventure getaway website
If you’ve ever been in another city and wanted the chance to go sailing, Boatbound can help you do that in an instant. Photo: Boatbound
Let’s say you’re traveling on business to San Francisco. You’ll be spending just one weekend in the city, but as a sailing fanatic you always dreamed of getting out on the San Francisco Bay.

While you could look up local captained boats, many sailing charters get booked months in advance, and not many will allow you to take the helm yourself.

Enter Boatbound.

Boatbound allows you to search a listing of local boats both captained and bareboat to spend a day on the water, available at the drop of a hat. You can book anything from a 37 foot sail boat to a 17 foot Boston Whaler all without batting an eye.

For the lonely adventurer looking to meet new people: Gociety

Gociety Gathering yoga mountain colorado adventure
Gociety has been planning events like The Mountain Gathering in Breckenridge, Colorado to help launch its platform and to encourage its members to make plans of their own. Photo: Gociety.com
Maybe you live in New York City and feel boxed in by the concrete jungle.

You’ve been aching to get away from the Big Apple and explore trails, climb mountains or just feel some fresh air in your face for once. But despite living in the biggest city in the country, you can’t find anyone to go with.

That’s where Gociety comes in.

Gociety aims to get you outside and meeting new people.

Gociety users can post plans online that are open for anyone to join. While it started in Colorado, it has made it’s way across the country, so that someone using it in say, New York this weekend, could join up with fellow like-minded adventure seekers who are planning to hike Vermont’s Long Trail.

For the diver tired of dealing with dive shops: Diviac

Diviac scuba diving Travel website startup
The scuba diving startup Diviac is hoping to revolutionize the scuba industry by creating a global social network for divers to share logbooks. Photo: Diviac
Diviac is a website hoping to become the AirBnB of scuba travel.

While the scuba industry is an $11 billion annual industry in the United States alone, much of the business of booking dives (especially those outside the United States) has yet to join the 21st century and digitize. And while it can be exhilarating to simply fly to a destination and find a dive shop when you get there, that can also be impractical.

Diviac eliminates that guessing. With over 10,000 dive centers, 700-plus liveaboards and 900-plus destinations, Diviac lets you not only plan your dives and lodging ahead, but also lets you see other users reviews of dive shops.

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