5 Warm Weather Activities in Michigan

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While it would be nice to get away to some remote island this spring, it’s not always that easy. Luckily there are plenty of places within the States that are perfect for a weekend getaway. One of our favorite places for warm weather is Michigan because it has something for everyone–adventure, relaxation, nightlife, you name it. Turns out, you really don’t have to go that far to experience something different. Michigan is a quick fix for an itch to get away–just put your phone in airplane mode and it’ll be as if you are officially off-the-map. Ready to go? Don’t leave these warm weather activities off your Michigan to-do list.

Beer Trails

Michigan is fifth in the nation for number of breweries, and we encourage you to take advantage of that. But you don’t have to pick just one or two brewery tours; since so many of Michigan’s breweries are close together, Pure Michigan provides visitors with a map so they can create their own beer trail, or find a company to take you on one. We promise, this is not your typical “trail.”


Michigan is consistently named one of the best places in the country to golf. The state has more than 800 public golf courses, some of which have incredible views of the Great Lakes. With courses for all levels and golf packages for all budgets, you can’t go wrong choosing Michigan as your spring or summer golf destination.

Water Sports

Michigan has the world’s longest freshwater coastline, so we suggest you make use of it. Your options are endless. Go paddle-boarding on one of the Great Lakes or relax on a yacht in Harbor Springs. Want some privacy? Rent your own kayak, sailboat, canoe or jet-ski to take out on one of the inland lakes.

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If you’re more interested in relaxing, Michigan is the perfect place to go fishing. With four Great Lakes, there’s no shortage of serene spots where you can unwind as you catch your dinner. But if you’re over 17, bear in mind that you’ll have to pay for a Michigan fishing license–unless you go on June 8 or June 9 when the fee is exempt. 

Dune Buggies

The beach meets the off-road at Silver Lake dunes. As the only dune area in Michigan that allows vehicle access, you’ll be able to catch some air as you speed over seven miles of giant sand hills. Visitors can tour the dunes in a jeep, a buggy or their own four-wheel vehicle. Prepare for some sun and adrenaline.




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