Airbnb and Tiktok Predict the Future of Home Decor

Retro style room with orange furniture
The Retro Desert Oasis in Yucca Valley, CA, is equal parts mellow and mod.Courtesy Image

Are you one of those people who’s always on top of the latest home decor trends? Or are you not sure if midcentury modern is still a thing. Well, if you’ve lost your decorating way, Airbnb and Tiktok are collaborating to let you know exactly which style trends are hot. Not only that, they’re predicting the styles you’ll be seeing in home design in the future.

How are Tiktok, a video sharing social platform, and Airbnb, an online lodging platform, predicting what’s to come in the world of design? Buzzwords. Or, more precisely, they’re measuring the popularity of certain hashtags on Tiktok and comparing them to lodging descriptions on Airbnb. When you have big numbers on both sides, that’s a good indicator it’s a trend we’ll be seeing more of.

Whether you’re looking for your next vacation spot or are thinking about remodeling, here are the eight decor styles that Tiktok and Airbnb predict you’ll be seeing in 2022.

Unique Glamping Experience, Sutton, UK
Unique Glamping Experience, Sutton, UK Courtesy Image

8. Sustainable

TikTok counts more than 1.6 billion views of videos using the hashtag #zerowaste. Many of these are tips on reducing household waste and reusing items. On Airbnb, hosts who include sustainable features are growing at a rate 15 percent higher than other listings on Airbnb.

Some Airbnb examples:

Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, Bentonville, Arkansas
Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, Bentonville, Arkansas Courtesy Image

7. Grandmillennial

This is a hashtag that popped up on Tiktok in 2020. It’s a portmanteau of grandparent and millennial. Elements of this style could include thrift, patterns, needlepoint, and chintz. On Airbnb, more than 14,000 listings include grandmillennial buzzwords.

Some Airbnb examples:

Gothic getaway, Aboyne, Scotland
Gothic getaway, Aboyne, Scotland Courtesy Image

6. Gothic

With a thriving community that calls itself WitchTok, it shouldn’t be a surprise that gothic and goblincore are popular on TikTok. Meanwhile, there are also more than 19,000 Airbnb listings that use gothic terminology in their listings.

Some Airbnb examples:

Victorian Seafront Townhouse, Kent, UK
Victorian Seafront Townhouse, Kent, UK Courtesy Image

5. Maximalism

So long, minimalism, maximalism is where it’s at, according to Tiktok and Airbnb. TikTok creators seek out unique artifacts and vintage items that are more, not less. Meanwhile, over 35,000 Airbnb listings use maximalist words such as velvet, mixed patterns, and animal prints.

Some Airbnb examples:

Ttekceba Retreat, Victoria, Australia
Ttekceba Retreat, Victoria, Australia Courtesy Image

4. Botanical

Plants are big on Tiktok. So big that the hashtag #PlantTok has gotten more than 1.6 billion views alone. Airbnb hosts also connect to the botanical theme with words like monstera, potted plant, and lush.

Some Airbnb examples:

Back to the 80s, Dallas, Texas
Back to the 80s, Dallas, Texas Courtesy Image

3. Eclectic Nostalgic

On Tiktok, some interiors bring to mind the ‘70s and ‘80s disco vibe with bright colors. In more than 50,000 Airbnb listings, you’ll find a similar vibe with buzzwords like disco, ‘70s, and psychedelic.

Some Airbnb examples:

100 Year Old Waco Home (Waco, TX)
100 Year Old Waco Home (Waco, TX) Courtesy Image

2. Seasonal décor

Decorating for the holidays—any holiday—is popular on Tiktok with videos featuring tablescapes and quirky décor. On Airbnb, more than 90,000 listings use descriptions such as seasonal, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Some Airbnb examples:

Asphodel Cottage (Kent, United Kingdom)
Asphodel Cottage (Kent, United Kingdom) Courtesy Image

1. Cottagecore

It’s a word that’s only appeared on Tiktok in the last few years, but its popularity puts it at the top of design trends. Perhaps due to the increase in crafting since the beginning of the pandemic, words like patterned vintage wallpaper, floral upholstery, and wood are very popular. Variants of cottagecore are also found more than 110,000 times in Airbnb listings.

Some Airbnb examples:

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