Ask Men’s Fitness: Is the Mile High Club Worth It?

Ask mf mile high club rotator

Q: I’m determined to join the Mile High Club, but I’ve heard mixed reports. Is it really worth it?

A: You’re not alone in wondering. A Trojan survey found that 33% of men rate an airplane as the No. 1 place they’d like to have sex but haven’t yet. And, if you’re in a stalling relationship, MF sex columnist Amber Madison suggests that taking your show on the road (Read: In the Air) could seriously refuel your sex drive. A cramped cabin bathroom is no excuse not to try it—at least for now.

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This March, Boeing announced that it would be making its 737 lavatories even smaller in order to squeeze in a couple of extra seats (what’s the deal with airlines, right?), so the clock is ticking! Find a way, or a position, to make airplane sex work, because it’ll be well worth the effort. And seriously, how jealous will your friends be? Honestly, we cant think of a better way to de-stress after running the airport security gantlet. 


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