Aspen Lakes Is World’s First NFT Golf and Adventure Resort

Golf course with mountains in background
Evan Schiller

Sisters, OR, plays host to a wilder slice of Americana. Beyond its small-town charm, adventure abound with opportunities to kayak, bike, hike, fly-fish, and ski depending on the season. If you fancy yourself a golfer, Aspen Lakes resides on 1,300 acres, and offers gobsmacking views of Three Sisters mountain range, Broken Top, and Mount Bachelor. The red crushed cinder bunkers peppered along the 18-hole golf course designed by William Overdorf, though, are the signature feature. Until now. Aspen Lakes is becoming the world’s first private golf and destination club where a membership can be purchased as an NFT.

An NFT or nonfungible token is a unit of value on a blockchain. If you don’t know, blockchains are communal databases for securely storing digital information. Typically, NFTs have been associated with digital or physical assets such as digital art, digital sports collectibles, sneakers, and even beer. But by linking an NFT with a resort membership, owners can experience a more tangible value.

Joining the club

The resort is starting by releasing 10,000 Founding Family Memberships for purchase that cost the Ethereum’s equivalent of $15,000. These lifetime memberships do not include annual dues or fees. And unlike timeshares and country clubs, the membership is owned in perpetuity and can be passed on to friends or future generations. Another advantage of NFTs is they’re easy to transfer.

“Being the first company to offer an NFT membership of this kind, Aspen Lakes is able to offer a truly unique and fulfilling experience. Our members are in control of their memberships, not us. They can buy or sell at any time without consequence,” says Cindy Wyant, CEO of Rhue Resorts.

Aspen Lakes in Sisters, Oregon
Aspen Lakes

Rhue Resorts, owner of Aspen Lakes, has big plans for the Sisters, OR, property. There’s an extensive 10-phase development plan that includes a wide range of amenities. Early phases involve plans for a cigar lounge, a petting zoo, and outdoor play structure, as well as a members-only campground on a 12-acre lake. Later phases include plans for a day spa, an indoor waterpark, a 5-star hotel, a neighborhood with a town square, and more.

NFT memberships at Aspen Lakes activate in November of 2022. However, the resort encourages token holders to visit the resort and enjoy the existing amenities. For those not sure about getting into NFTs, they can still purchase a membership for $15,000.

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