The 4 Best Road-trip Podcasts

man driving car on sunny day
Katja Kircher/Getty Images

There’s never a better time to start listening to a new podcast than when you set out on a road trip. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or just trying to knock out a few extra miles, there are tons that hit every category and topic, from history to true crime and tech and comedy. Here, four of the best podcasts for road trips that’ll make your solo trek fly by—or, at least, it’ll feel that way.

1. Hardcore History: Journalist Dan Carlin merges history with high drama and excellent narration.

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2. More Perfect: This fascinating series looks at benchmark Supreme Court cases and how they still affect us today.

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3. S-Town: A tragic tale of misdirected genius, buried treasure, and a mysterious death.

4. Reply All: An examination of our tech-driven world through stories of human drama imbued with an infectious sense of wonderment.

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