8 tourism videos that put the outdoors at the forefront

Bob Burnquist floating miniramp Lake Tahoe Visit California
Bob Burnquist got to build a floating miniramp in Lake Tahoe for this Visit California video.

Spring is the perfect time for travel. The weather is changing, the days are getting longer and we’re all itching to get out and do.

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There are plenty of national park lodges, awesome adventure Airbnb rentals and quirky places to stay. But deciding where to actually go is sometimes the hardest part of planning travel.

Tourism departments all over the world are vying for our attention among the Internet noise and some of them do a great job, while others do a not-so-great job. Here are 8 of our favorites that put the outdoors first and let the natural wonders do the majority of the talking.

Oregon, 2016

Oregon has a great campaign of videos currently going that are short, witty and present a call-to-action. Kudos to the Beaver State.

Wyoming, 2015

The narrator’s voice is essentially daring us to be as manly as he is. We’re picturing him as someone with a big, burly mustache and a cowboy hat who doesn’t take shit from anyone. Couple that feeling with the gorgeous images and we’re booking tickets to Montana right this second.

California, 2014

Easily one of the most memorable tourism videos ever, pro skateboarder Bob Burnquist builds a floating miniramp in Lake Tahoe to show how awesome California is.

British Columbia, 2014

With some of the most breathtaking cinematography on this list, Destination British Columbia certainly did their job with this 2014 campaign. The theatrical music and poem-like dialogue by the narrator focuses it all on nature being the supreme being.

Norway, 2013

Visit Norway has a sense of humor. But they also know how to tie that in with spectacular landscapes and an abundance of outdoor activities. Plus, who doesn’t love a little bit of art as well?

Finland, 2013

Visit Finland does an impeccable job of making the viewer feel like a kid enjoying the last breaths of a summer dusk. Highlighting their midnight sun and endless light in the summer, it’s certainly a subdued way to tell everyone they can come there and feel like a kid agian.

New Foundland and Labrador, 2013

When your country houses the most eastern point in North America, you get to wake up earlier than everyone else. And you also get to witness a sunrise like nothing else on Earth.

Iceland, 2010

Warning: This one has a brief NSFW shot

It’s quirky, it’s gorgeously shot and it’s set to a wonderful track you’ve probably never heard but feel like you know. Oh, and in typical Icelandic fashion, it’s got pretty blonde women. Iceland, here we come.

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