Most harrowing bodyboarding wipeout ever?

May 13 was an epic day at Teahupoo, a Tahitian surf break that’s notoriously hollow and dangerous when a giant swell slams the region. To see how hollow, watch as bodyboarder Dan Ryan air-drops in one of the most harrowing wipeouts you might ever witness, in RED Epic slow-motion footage released this week by Greg Huglin (best-viewed in HD).

Ryan was not seriously hurt, but he did earn a great deal of respect from surfers who were present–and that’s no easy task for a bodyboarder.

The swell attracted many of the world’s top big-wave surfers, and the only manner by which to possess a reasonable chance to drop in and surf safely out of these churning, hissing barrels was to be towed onto the forming waves behind personal watercraft.

Bodyboarder Dan Ryan, while free-falling in a hopeless attempt to negotiate a drop at Teahupoo, decides it’s time to bail. Image is a screen grab from Greg Huglin’s RED epic video

In other words, Ryan didn’t stand much of a chance. But he tried…

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