Bungee-powered wakeboarders hit the Snake River

A little creative problem solving never hurt anyone—especially in the name of summer fun.

Check out this clip of some of Jackson, Wyoming’s finest rigging up a boat-less wakeboarding pulley equipped with only a strong river current, a bridge, and a souped-up bungee cord. As most in Jackson area do in the summertime, the crew descended upon the popular Snake River and headed to the Swinging Bridge for some bridge jumping and river floating, but soon decided that wakeboarding was on the menu.

Looping a super-powered bungee with a tow rope handle through the metal supports of the bridge, riders then used the strong current of the river to sweep them downstream. As the bungee reached its maximum elasticity, it shot riders up out of the water and forward, creating a completely motor-less wakeboard experience. Dubbed “Banshee Boarding,” the river wakeboarding was pretty successful, and looks like a great way to spend a day on the river with friends. Kudos to the imaginative and inventive guys and gals over in Wyoming for making the last few days of summer just a little bit sweeter. Special thanks to TGR for the video.

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